Submit 8th Grade Student Photos and Videos for Class of 2019 Video!

All 8th grade parents were sent an email last week requesting personal photos and videos of their 8th grader for inclusion in this year’s Class of 2019 Video (USB). We’re looking for:
  • If your child was involved with any CHMS activities (sports, band, orchestra, choir, school play, academic competitions, after school clubs/activities, Washington DC trip, etc.), we would like to include your photos and/or videos from these events/programs in the annual CHMS 8th grade video.
  • You’re also invited to submit personal photos and videos of your 8th grade student who participated in other activities outside of CHMS (sports: football, dance, gymnastics, basketball, swimming, diving, water polo, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, martial arts, ice skating, hockey, etc.; theater, music, arts, Fortnightly) throughout this past school year.
All photos and videos are due by May 21. Please refer to your email for complete details regarding submitting photos/videos.
Questions? Contact Theresa Gannon at