Host Families Needed

District 181 is participating in a teacher exchange with the LEAP Schools in South Africa. A group of D181 staff members went to South Africa this July and now eight teachers from the LEAP schools will be visiting CHMS and HMS from Aug. 30 to Sept. 26. We are looking for host families for these teachers.

The LEAP schools are private math and science high schools that were created to help break the impact of apartheid on the black population in South Africa by providing an education for children living in the townships that is of high enough caliber to allow them to qualify for university. They have been very successful in achieving their goal. Many of the teachers who will be visiting were LEAP students have received their university degree and are now back teaching in these schools. The teachers who are visiting are three men and five women between the ages of 23 and 35.

Optimally, a host family would take a teacher for the entire time, but we can work with families who are willing to make at least a two week commitment. We can also find alternate accommodations for Labor Day weekend or other dates that a host might be away. Host families provide a bedroom, breakfast and dinner, and help with transportation to and from HMS and CHMS. If transportation is an issue, carpools can be arranged.

If you think might be interested, please contact Meg Cooper at She will be happy to provide more details and answer any questions.