Best of the Nest Award January

Dear CHMS Families,

As you may recall, our amazing PTO sponsors a staff appreciation award, the “Best of the Nest” with a premium parking spot for the winner. This award continues to demonstrate the kind and giving staff we have here at CHMS. The incredible words that are written toward each other in response to the thoughtful actions taken are inspiring.

The first winner of 2020 is our amazing resource teacher, Jeanette Reid! Here are a few kind things shared by her colleagues:

“She truly goes above and beyond and teaches us how to help kids”

“I feel like I should write one of these for Jeanette every time because she is always advocating for kids and sharing brilliant ideas or ways to better serve kids…she makes me laugh everyday. I’m so fortunate to have her as a colleague and friend.”

“You are always putting students first and  advocating their needs.   Thanks for all of your support.”

“She makes me a better teacher…and also makes teaching fun.”

Please congratulate Jeanette if you happen to run into her when you are visiting us at CHMS.

Dr. Levi Brown