7th Grade Encore Class Signup: 2015-2016

It is time for you to decide what encore classes you would like to take next year! We will be using our Infinite Campus (IC) student information system to help students record their choices and do some of the scheduling for us. We are asking that all incoming 7th and 8th grade students complete this process with their parents by the evening of Monday, May 18. Please note that it does not matter when you submit your encore requests as long as you enter the requests while the portal is open. Entering requests today, for example, will not give you an advantage over someone submitting requests on Friday. Just be sure you make your requests by the evening of Monday, May 18!

There will be two steps for students to follow:

Step One – Filling out the planning form

Read the attached 7th Grade Encore Course Descriptions 2015-2016 to see what classes are available to 7th grade students. Students take two different encore classes each semester—one class on A days and the other on B days. (Band and orchestra students take one encore class each semester in addition to band/orchestra.)
Download, print and complete the appropriate attached 7th Grade Encore Planning Form. There is one form for band/orchestra students and one for students not in these groups. It is important that students fill out the correct form so they have the best chance at getting their favorite encore classes.

Step Two – Making requests in Infinite Campus

The URL is: https://hinsdalecommunityil.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/hinsdale.jsp. You may use either the parent or student login/password to make requests. The student login is the 5-digit student number, which is located on the student ID card. If you are unable to login, contact the main office for assistance or complete the Planning Form and bring it to the main office.
If you are using the parent login, once logged in, select the appropriate student at the top of the screen. Next click on “Course registration 15-16 CHMS”. Then, click on “Course Search”. From here you can enter the name or the number of each course you are requesting. The easiest way is to type in the course number, which is listed on the “7th Grade Encore Course Descriptions 2015-2016” document. Enter each class one at a time, and click on “Request this course” for the courses you would like to request and “Request as an Alternate” for your alternate selections.
Each student will be able to see their choices before logging off. Students in band or orchestra will choose 2 Requests and 4 Alternates; students not in band or orchestra will choose 4 Requests and 3 Alternates. Infinite Campus doesn’t allow students to rank their choices in order—but the IC scheduler will try to give each student as many of his/her Requests as possible. If some of the Request choices conflict with others, I will be able to schedule students with the Alternate choices.

If there are any difficulties with a home computer, students will be able to complete this process at school. Any student needing to enter his/her choices at school should bring the completed Planning Form to the main office. Blank copies are also available in the office. Students who do not have their requests in by May 19 will be asked to complete the planning form at school so that we can have all requests entered by the end of the school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Joni Sherman

Assistant Principal CHMS